Recording Artists


The following Recording Artists have been selected to be inducted into
Wildhorse Entertainment Independent Superstars Hall of Fame for 2013/2022. It is with great
pride & pleasure that we induct the following dedicated & talented RECORDING ARTISTS into the IDSS Hall Of Fame.
0048-HOFRA Donna Cunningham Award 200 0056-HOFRA - Gloria Nihart 0058-HOFRA - Kerrigan La-Brooy
0005-HOFRA-GeorgeJones 0006-HOFRA-PatBoone 0010-HOFRA-MartyStuart
0004-HOFRA-RoyClark 0002-HOFRA-LynnAnderson 0007-HOFRA-JohnnieWright
0008-HOFRA-KittyWells 0009-HOFRA-Charlie Pride 0011-HOFRA-JudithLynne
0029-HOFRA-MandyBarnett 0003-HOFRA-TheOakRidgeBoys 0001-HOFRA-LauraDodd
0015-HOFRA-Alabama 0016-HOFRA-MargeMiller 0028-HOFRA-CliffAyers
0013-HOFRA-ClayAlston 0014-HOFRA-CandySue 0012-HOFRA-LeroyGros
0027-HOFRA-DollyParton 0025-HOFRA-PatsyCline 0026-HOFRA-RandyTravis
0022-HOFRA-MerleHaggard 0032-HOFRA-FloydCramer 0020-HOFRA-GlenCampbell
0017-HOFRA-DanaJordan 0023-HOFRA-TheBandPerry 0024-HOFRA-RickyVanShelton
0018-HOFRA-RoyAcuff 0033-HOFRA-RedFoley 0021-HOFRA-TanyaTucker
0037-HOFRA-KurtDarren. 0019-HOFRA-TammyWynette 0040-HOFRA-MattHurter
0031-HOFRA-LorrieMorgan 0039-HOFRA-BobbyAngel 0046-HOFRA-WayneJacobs
0044-HOFRA-SunnetteBridges 0034-HOFRA-TattooBilly 0030-HOFRA-EmmylouHarris
0052-HOFRA-LuanneHunt200 0050-HOFRA-DaveCaley 0045-HOFRA-BuddyVaughn
0046-HOFRA-WayneJacobs 0036-HOFRA-JuanitaDuPlessis
0041-HOFRA-BillyForrest 0043-HOFRA-BokVanBlerk 0042-HOFRA-LianieMay



  1. tat2billy/ed begley says:

    Baie Dankie Bru….Its an honor and count it as the biggest honor ever bestowed on me and Tattoo Billy.

  2. DAVE CALEY says:


  3. gjennings55 says:

    How do you get in the hall .I’ve been with Wild Horse for yrs. now,and Iam a recording artist. I write 99% of my songs. I recorded with KMA Records. Iam in the New York Country Music Hall OF Fame.I have two of my songs with Wild Horse ,and could send more.

    • WHISNews21 says:

      Hi Gary your question is most welcome I am happy to explain the Hall Of Fame to you even more so because you are already one of our Christmas time Heroes on WCTR Wildhorse Christmas Time Radio. I keep a very strict list of all who are nominated for the Hall Of Fame. I personally have nominated every single artist who has in that past supported Wildhorse Entertainment by adding their songs to our very successful free download pages. However as my nomination is based on the artists support of Wildhorse Entertainment I had to make sure that the nomination system is fair to all artists. Every artist needs to receive a dozen nominations from people in the business, and that would not included friends or family, although it is sometimes a fact that it is not always easy to distinguish between who is a friend and who is family, when they are all in the music business. So if they are in the music business we give the artist the benefit of the doubt. Once a nominee receives 12 nominations the nominee is sent a award via email and he or she is entered into the Hall of Fame. However the nominee is only officially inducted once they have a picture taken with their award and sent back to me and the induction ceremony is published on the front page of the Hall Of Fame and WHISNews21 which makes it official. The only downside for all inductees is that once entered into the hall we ask a small donation of between $25 and $50 from the newly inducted Hall Of Fame member to help with the upkeep of the hall. There are no other cost whatsoever to nominees and all banners and awards are made up and printed at the expense of myself and the newly inducted member has a lifetime free membership at the hall of Fame. That’s it, AND there are no hidden agendas and no small print, no contracts to be signed and you are not forced to donate a small donation either, but you have to get 12 official nominations to be inducted into the Hall of Fame. All the people you work with in the industry could help you get the 12 nominations very easily, and I can assure you Gary you need less than 10 at the moment. You will also never know who all the nominations come from as it is confidential and important to protect the ones who should have nominated you and did not, for whatever reason they may have not wanted to. I am sure you understand that last comment. Well Gary I would add you immediately because of your support for Wildhorse over the years but then that would be unfair to all, and our Hall of Fame would loose all it credibility. Good luck my friend and thank you for all your support you are an Independent Superstar and a Christmas Time Hero and who know maybe even soon a IDSS Hall Of Fame Member too.

      • I appreciate the info. and would like to promote this oppurtunitySorry havn’t got back sooner but I have been pretty busy performing and trying to find time to write more songs. I should be able to find some artist in the business to show their support.Thank you for letting me know how it runs.

  4. […] Caley Mentioning Dave Caley to country music fans you will hear them tell you this about the Independent Superstar and Hall Of Fame Member Dave Caley, He’s got a heart of gold, he’s pure country and he plays a mean country fiddle. […]

  5. […] Caley Mentioning Dave Caley to country music fans you will hear them tell you this about the Independent Superstar and Hall Of Fame Member Dave Caley, He’s got a heart of gold, he’s pure country and he plays a mean country fiddle. […]

  6. Just heard that I may be in this super ‘Hall Of Fame’ in 2016. Looking forward to it and thanks to those who nominated me, wherever you are.

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