Donny Richmond has been inducted into the Independent Superstars “Producers” Hall of Fame. Frans Maritz (Wildhorse Entertainment) signed the official certificate placing Donny into this prestigious organization located in South Africa. Donny has the distinct honor of being inducted into the IDSS Hall of Fame for his life-time contribution to the Independent Music Industry as a Producer. Donny is seen holding his award below in the animated Hall Of Fame, confirming his induction into the HALL OF FAME. “I thank God for the opportunities and ability to produce music. I’m honored to be privileged to work with some of the finest musicians of all time; recording on the east coast, west coast, and overseas. I love it all! Producing music is a unique and interesting art form, and I thoroughly enjoy the creative process! Here’s a big Thank You to Frans Maritz, and all who support the music we release! Being in the Producers Hall Of Fame is such a major honor and thrill! From here in Tennessee, to as far away as South Africa, I’d like to say it’s a joy knowing that “the hills are alive with the sound of music!”  Donny Richmondhoflogo

Biography of Donny Richmond

 Singer, Songwriter, Actor, Producer, and TV Personality

Multi-award-winning entertainer Donny Richmond began producing recordings as a teen growing up in Maryland, just outside of Washington, D.C. His first productions included his self-penned “I Love My Baby”, which in recent years, with a few changes, became a #1 chart hit as “Squeegee”. Donny enjoyed producing versions of all the songs he was writing at the time. After moving to Hollywood, Calif., Donny was invited to London, England, where he was signed to a worldwide pop music singer/songwriter recording contract with EMI Records, During this time, Donny produced recordings of his original songs at EMI Studios, where groups such as The Beatles had previously recorded.

Upon experiencing a spiritual renewal and returning to the U.S., Donny moved to Nashville, TN, where he focused his attention on spiritual music and “good, clean Pop music”. His positive, country-flavored music placed him at the forefront of a freshly developing genre of “Christian Country/Positive Country Music” during the 1990’s, and Donny became recognized among the foremost of the genre’s artists, writers and producers. Donny has received many music association awards in all of these categories.

During his career, Donny has had a hand in the production of all of his Chart singles internationally, including many #1’s on the Airplay Express Charts. Several of his hits have broken records internationally for longevity at the top of the charts, including “There Is An Answer”, co-written with David Walker, which spent a record-breaking 8 weeks at #1 on the Airplay Express Gospel Charts. Donny’s recording of “Red, White and Blue”, co-written by Donny and Bill McIntire, was simultaneously #1 in 4 different genres of music; Traditional Country, Gospel, Patriotic, and Pop. #1 songs Donny has produced include the self-penned “Squeegee”(for which an internationally popular line dance was also choreographed), “What Will He Say”(#1 in various international Charts), “That’s What Christmas Means”(also featured in the Movie “The Christmas Reunion”),”Ask The Man Upstairs”(#1 for 5 weeks in Europe), “I Believe”(a longest-running Top 20 Chart Hit), and “Statue Of A Fool”(#1 in Pop and Country simultaneously, and Google Play).

In the early 2000s, Donny produced historic recording sessions featuring the largest collection of Elvis Presley’s original backup musicians which had been assembled since Elvis himself. From these sessions came the song, co-written by Donny Richmond and David Walker, “The World Keeps Loving Elvis”, which also reached #1 on Airplay Express. Among the legendary musicians involved were both of Elvis’ career lead guitarists; Scotty Moore and James Burton, The Jordanaires, Charlie McCoy, Boots Randolph, Charlie Hodge, DJ Fontana, and many more.

“Jesus Is My Lifeline”, co-produced by Stonewall Jackson Jr and Donny featured Country Music/Grand Ole Opry legend Stonewall Jackson and Donny Richmond in a duet. This recording became the longest-running #1 song in the history of the National Music City News and Gospel Voice Magazines Charts in 1996/97. Since that time, the recording has now charted at #1 on various international charts during 4 different decades – 1996/97, 2006, 2016, 2018, and 2021 – a music history milestone!