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Marylee Regina has been inducted into the Independent Superstars “Songwriters” Hall of Fame. Frans Maritz (Wildhorse Entertainment) signed the official certificate placing Marylee into this prestigious organization located in South Africa. Marylee has the distinct honor of being inducted into the IDSS Hall of Fame for her life-time contribution to the Independent Music Industry. Marylee is seen in the picture below with the award confirming her induction into the HALL OF FAME. “I am so very happy, I never expected to receive said award myself. Thanks so much Keith, please tell Frans that my award makes it a sunshine & smiles time for me from everyone who has cared.Marylee Regina

"Marylee Regina" posing with her Songwriters award

“Marylee Regina” posing with her Songwriters award


Biography of Marylee Regina:

Marylee Regina was born Mary Lee Madrid, Stuebenville, OH, & at 3 yrs was placed in an OH orphanage. At 8 yrs was adopted & her name legally changed to `Regina.` Waitressing, she graduated YSU in 1965. Teaching pre-school & elementary in OH & FL, she inspired students to learn through original songs, plus other required curriculum methods. Marylee Regina now pursues another dream, that of expressing life-story songs, with original lyrics & music. She married Ernest Lee Twigg 12/23/66, & is the mother of 8 living children. Divorced from Ernest, 1998, she is now married to Edward Eugene Ricks, father of 3 children, from Pocatello, Idaho. In the orphanage, sadly missing her mother, she would stare out the window as the huge barges moved down the OH river, & sing, `My Heart Longs For You.` Combining her birth & adopted name, she now calls herself, `Marylee Regina.’ Her adopted Grandmother, her loving support during her childhood & into young adulthood, encouraged her to believe in herself, & to look for the good in others, & in life.

Married to Ernest & with the living-room window open, while singing an original song, a passer-by called out to her to `pursue her God-given talent. She performed, `Bunches Of Lovin, A Living priceless Treasure,` at a FL manatee festival, to save FL`s endangered `Gentle Giant, with her precious kids looking on. Also, performing an original, `Darlin Don`t Tell Me,` she was amazed that she won first prize for `originality of material & presentation.`

Marylee Regina’s 12 song album, For love of My Children was released October 2, 2012 & has received world-wide airplay since then, putting her on the top 50`s country/alt charts. She is looking forward to releasing a future second album. She married Edward Eugene Ricks August 14, 2010, & at their wedding, beautiful with family & friends, sang, My Special Someone, which was written for her sweet Eddie. She performed at the Nashville, TN Songwriters Festival, summer of 2013 & plans to perform at future fests, etc. Her heartfelt love for writing & performing her life-story songs can`t help but touch her listening audience