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Judy Welden has been inducted into the Independent Superstars “Songwriters” Hall of Fame. Frans Maritz (Wildhorse Entertainment) signed the official certificate placing Judy into this prestigious organization located in South Africa.  Judy has the distinct honor of being inducted into the IDSS Hall of Fame for her life-time contribution to the Independent Music Industry. Judy is seen in the picture below with the award confirming her induction into the HALL OF FAME. “Thanks so much, I’m so very elated to get this award. I will treasure it always. It hangs in our foyer, where friends & family see it when they enter our home.”, Judy Welden


“Judy Welden” posing with her Songwriters award


Biography of Judy Welden:

An artist/songwriter and music publisher, Judy Welden has been writing and releasing songs worldwide since 1992. Writing or co-writing 95% of the songs she records,  Judy has released 7 albums with her vocal performances (including some duets), plus 19 Compilation CDs (Country, AC Pop and Gospel) with herself and over 100 other artists during a period of 6 years (1993 to 1999).  Fourteen (14) artists have recorded thirty two (32) of Judy’s original (or co-written) songs. Writing in most every style, except rap, metal and hip hop, she has even written a rap song! Having started Treasure Coast Songwriters Assn (TCSA) when she lived in Florida, Judy, in the summer of ’98, toured seven European countries & was on the charts there with major singers. Having written or co-written over 400 songs, she’s released over 100 songs to worldwide radio. Most all have appeared on Independent charts with several dozen reaching #1.   Judy has received many songwriting awards for her songs, with “Fishing for a New Love” being a “Song of the Year” 1999 in Europe (ICMA Germany).  Other awards in the 90’s include 2 vocal awards, an “Album of the Year” award (Judy Welden Country Hits – ’92 – ’98) & 2 Halls of Fame Awards (ICMAG HALL OF FAME & CO CMA HALL OF FAME  – 1999 & 2006, respectively.

Now residing in GA, Judy, a member of Marquis Who’s Who in Music & Strathmore’s Who’s Who Worldwide, continues to release her original music regularly on WHP,  and other compilations to worldwide radio, both Am-Fm stations as well as internet stations.  Many exciting things have happened with her music career in the last year, which she wishes would have happened 20 years ago when she was more interested in traveling, etc. In one case, a well-known company having heard her then current single (in it’s 3rd release) wanted her to fly to Nashville to perform I’M PAIN SHY for music executives. Another time a touring company heard her gospel song, GUIDE MY HEART, & wanted her for their upcoming world-wide XTreme Tour.

Judy & Rhonnie Scheuerman co-wrote LET’S MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN in late 2011, which went to #11 on Airplay Direct’s TOP 50 Global Chart. Because the lyrics were so suitable for the Nov. ’12 Presidential election, gave hope & suggested a solution to the many problems we faced in the US, it was released again in Oct., 2012.

YOUR HAND PRINT ON MY HEART, also co-written with Rhon Scheuerman,  was well received worldwide in Feb. 2012 as a Valentine’s Day radio release. It was heard by a 3-time Grammy-winning producer who said if he could do a final mastering on it, he’d nominate it for a Grammy. Judy agreed, not knowing he was very ill with cancer. She had professional CDs made up at the TX replicating company he’d referred but before he’d had a chance to send the CD & paperwork to the Grammy team, it was necessary for him to go into Hospice. Sadly, he died several weeks before the deadline date for submissions! Whereas Judy Welden may never get that close to a Grammy nomination again, she’s happy to know that someone with the talent & experience of Phil York thought her song had enough potential to be nominated.   Judy has written songs with several male artists who are also songwriters (Phil Coley, Ray Lani, Kevin Wicker and Ron Butko, to name a few) and their duets have all been played worldwide and charted.   Her solely written songs that have done well are Love Is Like, Church Called the Risen Son, Every Season, Too Old Blues, I’m Pain Shy, What I Want for Christmas, Daddy’s Army Whistle, Blues Has Been My Handle, Shades of Blue and If You’re Man Enough as well as many others.   More recently,  Judy was chosen  ARTIST OF THE YEAR 2102 by GCR (Great Country Radio) in Dec, 2012.   She was #1 Singer/Songwriter at in mid June 2013, nominated for HALL OF FAME by the ATLANTA CMA Awards Show in November, 2013 and most recently awarded a SONGWRITER HALL OF FAME by Franz Maritz of WHIS NEWS 21.   Judy is grateful for the gift of songwriting, thankful the good Lord has teamed her up with many talented writers for some of her songs and pleased he has given her the ability to sing and record the songs He inspires.   She is also very grateful for having fine promoters who have helped her career tremendously.