The following Song Writers have been selected to be inducted into
Wildhorse Entertainment Independent Superstars Hall of Fame. It is with great pride & pleasure
that we induct the following dedicated & talented song writers into the IDSS Hall Of Fame
0001-HOFSW-ClydeRBirkla 0002-HOFSW-BarbaraBlevins 0003-HOFSW-KeithBradford 0004-HOFSW-DorisEHays 0005-HOFSW-LorettaLynn 0006-HOFSW-HermanHoltzhausen 0007HOFSW-CeliaThan 0008HOFSW-PattyPatrick 0009-HOFSW-DeanLeach 0010-HOFSW-ClayAlston 0011-HOFSW-MartyMartel 0012-HOFSW-RhonnieScheuerman 0013-HOFSW-JerryCramer 0014-HOFSW-LindaWelby 0015-HOFSW-BillAnderson 0016-HOFSW-DollyParton 0017-HOFSW-MerleHaggard 0018-HOFSW-StonewallJackson 0019-HOFSW-TaylorSwift  0023-HOFSW-AndreHartman0021-HOFSW-KoosDuPlessis0024-HOFSW-MaryleeReginaS  0025-HOFSW-TallTimberS0026-HOFSW-JKColtrainS 0028-HOFSW-LarryMClark200X259 



  1. I thank you for the award i am honored to be among such a elite group of people. I am truly blessed

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