The following Mothers have been selected by their children to be inducted into
Wildhorse Entertainment Independent Supermoms Hall of Fame. It is with great
pride & pleasure that we induct the following dedicated & talented Mothers into the IDSS Hall Of Fame.

 0001HOFMJeanMaritz 0001HOFMEstella Jordaan 0003HOFMCathyMaritz 0004HOFMJuanitaBirklaHill 0005HOFMSamiSchiel 0006HOFMVickiMillsap0007HOFMKellyBoethin 0008HOFMReginaPainter 0009HOFMKaraMiller 0014HOFBethRoosex200  0013HOFJeanBaileyS 0010HOFMarieSegersS0012HOFEmilyBaileyAdkinsx200 0015HOFLaraGreenX200 0011HOFEthelPilcher



  1. Barbara Birkla Blevins says:

    Thank you! These are beautiful Mother’s and such an honor to be on the MOTHER’S HALL OF FAME!

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