“Cowboy-Lone” Officially Inducted In The IDSS “Songwriting” Hall Of Fame South Africa 2021

Posted: December 18, 2021 in Cowboy-Lone
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Cowboy-Lone has been inducted into the Independent Superstars “Songwriters” Hall of Fame. Frans Maritz (Wildhorse Entertainment) signed the official certificate placing Cowboy-Lone into this prestigious International organization. Cowboy-Lone has the distinct honor of being inducted into the IDSS Hall of Fame for her lifetime contribution to the Independent Music Industry as a Songwriter. Cowboy-Lone is seen holding her award below in the animated Hall Of Fame, confirming her induction into the Hall Of Fame. ‘I am so honored to be inducted into the Songwriter’s Hall of Fame. It is great to get recognized in the music industry for all my hard work regarding my songwriting. Thank you to Frans Maritz, Airplay Express, and those who have supported and voted for me to be in the prestigious Hall of Songwriters”. – Cowboy-Lone

International Recording Artist Cowboy-Lone

Biography of Cowboy-Lone

International Award-winning Songwriter and International Recording Artist

Cowboy-Lone is a songwriter with Gold and Platinum Awards to prove Her Special Talent Cowboy-Lone is a Traditional Classic Country Singer-songwriter from Denmark. Lone has been living in the USA for the past 13 years and mostly loves to perform her style of Country music to the people. She loves to see the smiles on their faces, and hear their applause when she is entertaining a crowd with her music. Cowboy Lone began to sing in 1997 while riding her horse Rico on the ranch. As a child, she has always had a dream of sitting on a horse while singing Country Music. Although Cowboy Lone is now living in the USA she has performed as an International singer in Sweden, Germany, Norway, and Denmark winning many international awards for her songwriting and performances and CD downloads. Cowboy Lone’s music can be found on almost every professional music site worldwide. She has a promising future and is a firm favorite with Radio and DJs. Now Cowboy-Lone has found a home in the International IDSS Independent Superstars Hall Of Fame.

COWBOY-LONE Hall Of Fame Award


  1. Carl E Esch says:

    Congratulations! To a Lady I proudly call My Wife. My thanks to Airplay Express, & everyone involved with it. Cowboy-Lone, (aka: Lone) has and does daily, work very hard with her music. To the people that do not struggle, you cannot understand. Thanks to all that is involved!

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